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Robert Smith - EXHIBITIONS:

  • Parliament Buildings (Federal Government),Ottawa, Ontario (Apr 6/92)
  • Carmel Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (Apr 7-22/92)
  • Northern Ontario Art Association Tour (1992-93)
  • W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, Ontario (Aug/93)
  • The Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake, Ontario (Nov/95)
  • Elmira Art Exhibition - “Canadian Art Partners”, Elmira, Ontario (Nov-Dec/97)
  • Winterfest 98 Art Exhibition - “Canadian Art Partners”, Midland, Ontario (Jan/98)
  • The Arts and Letters Club - “The Temagami 22”, Toronto, Ontario (June 21/98)
  • Temagami Welcome Centre Gallery (Aug 1-9/98) - “The Temagami 22”

Robert Smith - PUBLISHED WORK:

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